Illustration: Jakob Lunden Jakobsen

A brand new informative and inspiring podcast series launching in June 2023 that brings together creatives from Ireland and Denmark to explore and showcase ideas, perspectives, and experiences of creatives from both countries. This is not ‘just another podcast series’ as it aims to foster new ideas, new insights, innovative approaches and (hopefully) creative collaborations between the two countries.


Ireland and Denmark are two small countries with vibrant creative scenes that, despite their size, have succeeded in gaining great international attention and recognition in a large number of areas within cultural life. But the formal and informal structures and traditions in the arts and culture are in many ways completely different. What can we learn from each other? How can we inspire each other and strengthen the arts and creative industries in the long term in both countries?


It has been a long-held dream of mine to realize this podcast series. Having worked regularly in Ireland for 30 years ( for DR, Danish Broadcasting Corporation), I have had ample opportunity to reflect and have many interesting conversations with inspiring people about how to provide a platform for artists, architects, chefs,  designers, musicians, writers, filmmakers and other creatives to share their work and inspire and learn from each other, fostering a sense of community and encouraging support for the creative industries in the tow countries. A podcast is a brilliant medium for that.


It is my hope that the podcast can serve as a source of inspiration, that it can provide insights into different creative processes, career paths, and challenges faced by professionals in these fields, offering valuable advice and lessons. Guests may discover synergies, share resources, or even initiate joint projects as a result of their interactions on the podcast. I would really love that!

The podcast series is sponsored by Embassy of Ireland, Denmark